Best office design tips

Office design is the key most essential factors accountable for generating a happier, healthier and conducive workplace. A first-class office design supports your corporate identity, expresses your brand images, improves the confidence, drive and productivity of the employees and portrays a long-lasting impression on clients and visitors. Here are some of the best office design tips that result in flourishing and successful office design: 1. You can never have too much light or space Our take remains that it is critical to ensure any office layout includes dedicated free space for passage, ventilation, fixtures, storage and quiet space. This is achieved by grouping employees into task based groups and considering the space needs of each domain. ריהוט משרדי Employees engaged in analysis, accounting or research based roles require quiet and stability and as a general rule a little more space per head, and workstations offering better privacy. 2. Create break-out spaces Break out, quiet or collaboration spaces are not new, but as more of the workforce moves towards open planning, and with rapid uptake of agile processes that now drive software, marketing teams and business development processes, smaller dedicated spaces that are capable of hosting project teams facilitating ideas, communications and innovation are an essential design consideration. 3. Keep things tidy Good planning and integration is what keeps office spaces tidy. It is critical that everything works together, that offices can be kept tidy, that storage is available! Integration is achieved by good planning, understanding the processes and roles of each department and their interdependence across an organization. Adequate storage and facilities per workstation, per department can then be designed. 3. Invest in furniture Fittings & furniture are in our humble opinion the make or break between a functional office and an office that employees can’t wait to escape. Comfortable seating, dedicated desk space for customization and storage for personal belongings is the absolute bare minimum. 5. Brand your workplace Quality branding in workspaces drives morale and reminds employees of the company's mission and reassures customers they have come to the right place. From a design perspective this means ensuring that there is adequate space allocated to the plan for branded fixtures and fittings, it involves ensuring occasional furniture, walls, floors and furniture fit with not only the color scheme of the company's brand but the culture as well. Make the right choice and deliver a first class office design which will definitely guarantee you the best outcome from employees and outstanding clients.
2015-10-13 / Posted in Design